What is practice like?

We only offer one style of instruction at Ashtanga Yoga Room, so you don’t have a hard decision about which class is right for you. We believe in offering high-quality, personalized instruction. No matter your perceived “skill level,” we highly encourage attending our Personalized Yoga (Mysore) sessions. (It’s the way we practice, too!) 

Can I come to Personalized Yoga (Mysore) if I’ve never done Yoga before? Yes! Many people think that Mysore is only for advanced students, but in our opinion it’s the best way to start practicing. This is an excellent, no-pressure way to learn Yoga for the first time. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with anyone or getting “lost.” No preparation, prior experience, or anything else is necessary. 

Personalized Yoga (Mysore)

Personalized Yoga instruction is the backbone of our school, our teaching philosophy, and the Ashtanga System.  Practicing in a one-size-fits-all Yoga class is kind of like wearing someone else’s clothing: sort of works, but doesn’t quite feel right.

This format of instruction is for those who would rather receive personal attention and adjustments than just following along in a group class. It’s kind of like a private lesson, but you’ll still benefit from the community and energy of practicing with fellow Yogis. 

In this way, the heart of the practice can unfold: a moving meditation. 

Learning at your own pace, this class is appropriate for anyone from Never-Done-Yoga-Before to long-time Yogis. 

Be sure to try this class if you’re looking for therapeutic solutions for an injury, or ready to take it to the next level and refine your Yoga practice.

Your first session will last about 30-45 minutes, and grow from there.

NOTE: You do not need to be there the whole practice period. Your start time is flexible, Just be finished by the class ending time. 

Students familiar with the Mysore method: practice & learn series 1-4 following the traditional method.