What you can expect

    We're the only Yoga school in Chicago that doesn't teach Yoga classes. We offer Personalized Yoga Instruction. Beginner friendly, with room for growth. Already established in Yoga? You'll be right at home, too.

    A Radical Idea

    Why do someone else's practice? We put YOU in control of your experience by teaching in the traditional method from India: one pose at a time. Learn at your own pace. Own your Yoga.

    Personalized for You

    Have you ever felt lost, or struggled just to figure out what's happening? Not here. You'll find individual instruction and a practice customized just for you.
    All your questions answered, plus physical adjustment and feedback to help you grow.

    What's your goal?

    Peace of mind?
    Heal an injury?
    Whatever it is, find it here.

    The AYR difference

    The AYR difference

    We’re a school, not a gym, and the only Yoga school in Chicago to teach the Ashtanga method exclusively. If you’re seeking fitness, you’ll find it here — but you won’t find weights. Or music. Or super-heated rooms. With nothing more than you and your breath, our mission is nothing less than to dramatically and permanently improve your quality of experience in your own body and mind. Other studios expect you to fit into a cookie-cutter class. We teach directly to you and your needs.

    Yours Truly

    We're avid students of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, anatomy, biomechanics, and philosophy, and we're always learning. We're serious. Now we're at your service.
    Griffin Litwin
    Griffin Litwin
    Owner | Instructor
    Amelia Cranson
    Amelia Cranson
    Owner | Instructor

    What our students are saying

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